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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

What to do over Fall Break

This Friday, the whole campus has a day off. Already, most people have left the campus to go home and visit their families and its only Thursday afternoon. Its going to be a ghost campus for the weekend. For all of us who are staying on campus because we live far away, life this weekend might get a little bit lonely.

I think I’m going to fill my time with finishing some projects I have due at the end of the semester so that I don’t have to worry about them over Thanksgiving. Even though it feels like I’m the only one on campus I’m excited because midterms are over and I felt like I did fairly well. It is nice to have survived my first college midterms in one piece.

I hope that I can relax and recuperate this weekend as well as get a lot of homework done. This term feels like it’s going by very quickly. Everyone have a great Fall Break!