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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I am taking nineteen credits this semester and so far I have been doing well managing my time and all of the assignments and responsibility I have to handle. This week was a particularly difficult challenge when it came to academics because everything came to a point this week. I had three tests, two papers, and three presentations due this week. Ugh!!!!!

I am done with the bulk of the tests and presentations for this week and I feel like I have done pretty well. I had a statistics test on Monday that I thought I bombed but I ended up getting a 93%. Sometimes I think that I use reverse psychology when thinking about the success of my tests and I will be able to control the outcome of my test scores by thinking that I did badly. Maybe I will try to apply this to the next test. Anyway, I only have one more test tomorrow in Harmony and I hope I can ace it. I better go study…