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Goverment shut down? This is new.....

As of Monday night at midnight the United States Government has officially shut down. I’m sure that you have heard about it some way or another. A lot of professors have been talking about the shutdown in my classes (especially my Economic Statistics class) and how it will affect the economy and America’s quarterly GDP. I have a feeling that the effect of the shutdown won’t be seen right away but will show its effects in the next quarter. It always takes a little bit of time for these issues to show their true colors.

No one knows how long this will last, but everyone is hoping that the shutdown will only last at most a week. 80,000 government employees are having a forced indefinite time off. They don’t know if they will get pay to compensate for the shutdown. Many people have had to cancel their vacations because the national parks are closed. There are many government websites that are down and the passport office is also closed so many people can’t get their passports processed. There are even some students who are going on the South Africa trip in a few weeks who won’t be able to go now because their passports won’t be processed in time. Bummer for everyone involved…