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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I found Platform 9 ¾

If you haven’t read my blog yet this is the one you should read because it will blow your mind. I was sitting outside my voice teacher’s door the other day waiting for my turn to have a lesson when I noticed a strange looking door down the hall. The door looked strange to me because it was very tall and skinny. It didn’t look like the type of door that would be for a closet or a classroom because it was way too skinny. It was also set into a brick wall, which I also found peculiar.

Being the dare devil live each day like your last person that I am I decided to go over and investigate. I mean, heck, I still had five minutes before my lesson and there wasn’t anything better to do. I gripped the doorknob, turned it firmly, and pulled open the door. The door opened upon a small space the same width of the door with nothing but a brick wall. On the inside of the door a student had written Platform 9 ¾ with an arrow pointing toward the far blank brick wall. MIND. COMPLETELY. BLOWN.


I always believed that magic was real.


Tags: magic, Harry Potter, Platform 9 ¾