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Last Lacrosse Game of the Season

Last night I went to my friend’s last lacrosse game of the season. Lacrosse is a new sport here at BW for girls. This year it is considered a club sport but next year it will be considered a Division III varsity sport. The team has had a pretty good season considering the fact that they are a very young team. They have won some, lost some, and tied some. They have a decent record so far!


I look forward to next season when I can go watch them play again. We don’t have lacrosse in Alaska, so I didn’t even really know the rules or the terminology of the game when I moved here. My friends had to teach me (and make fun of me of course) when I revealed my ignorance. I wish we had had lacrosse in Alaska when I was a kid because I think I would have been pretty good at it… oh well, I probably wouldn’t have done well with a little tiny plastic ball flying at my face anyway.