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BW is Counting Down to Spring Break

Spring break is fast approaching and it seems like all of Baldwin Wallace is well aware. At least three times a day I hear someone talking about what they are going to do over spring break, how many days of school we have left (ten, by the way), or how they feel like they really need a break from the constant “go-go-go” lifestyle of college.    

I am no exception to this trend. I have been counting down the days until spring break since February began. I have reason to be even more excited this particular year because I get to fly to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle at their vacation home. I’m going to give myself the right to brag here a little, so brace yourselves… I can’t wait to lay on the beach with the sun warming me and get a tan. I can’t wait to swim in the ocean and eat fresh fruit and wear shorts and tank tops. I also can’t wait to see my aunt and uncle because its been a while since I’ve seen anyone in my family. I just hope that the weather is good and that it doesn’t rain the whole time!