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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Carrie the Musical

Last Saturday night my friend Sarah and I went to see the musical put on by the Baldwin Wallace University musical theatre program called Carrie The Musical. The musical is based on the Stephen King horror novel, Carrie, written in 1974. It is the story of a sheltered girl who learns she has telekinetic powers. She is tricked into going to the prom by her classmates and gets a bucket of pigs blood dumped on her. Then she freaks out and kills everyone.

The play was awesome! The whole cast was very talented. The choreography and musical numbers were well directed. I particularily enjoyed the ballads. It was just creepy enough that I got chills, but not so creepy that I had nightmares. There were also some pretty great special effects. Chairs looked like they were moving on their own and things levitated. It was great! I highly recommend going to see it. Student tickets are only 15 bucks.