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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

RA Selection is Coming Up

Last night the Baldwin Wallace residence life office held a RA Social to show off all of the awesome residence halls. I made a poster to represent Lang Hall. The poster was completely pink with pretty sparkles and pictures of our staff in cute little poses. It was freaking adorable. We made it a girly poster to commemorate the fact that Emma Lang, the founder of the hall, wanted it to be an all girl hall.

I think that people liked our poster! It was difficult to interest people in Lang because it’s not a very interesting hall. Honestly, it’s just a really quiet dorm with a few issues. The residents are quiet and the people are kind. The only downside of being an RA in Lang is that we have a lot more duty hours. The other buildings were telling everyone else that Lang is lame because we have a lot of duty hours, but they’re just jealous about how awesome our staff is! There were a lot of people at the social, so I think it’s going to be a good year for BW residence life.


Tags: BW Residence life, RA selection