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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

As a Substitute, to Actual Human Contact: Cell Phone’s are Really All the Rage

It really amazes me how every time I walk into a classroom early before class every person in the class is usually ignoring each other and looking at their cell phone. No one is talking or interacting with each other. No one is really making friends. Everyone is just on Facebook or twitter or instagram, putting their emotions into little tiny cell phones instead of into real people.

When I see this kind of thing, it really makes me sad. It makes me want to make much more of an effort to not conform to social pressure and always be on my phone when everyone else is. I’m going to try harder to engage people in conversation and make friends. I think that when people are confronted by a friendly person who just wants to make some conversation they will put down their cell phones and choose to engage in human interaction rather than technology.