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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

A New Semester, New Classes

I am now entering my fourth semester of college and it has started to dawn on me that I am almost halfway through my undergraduate education. I have been to almost all of my classes at least once (with the exception of my night class which I will attend tonight) and I am satisfied with my experience so far. My econ class is really interesting. I am also taking accounting I, PR technologies, two music classes, and Intro to Communications. I was almost late to  my communication class on Tuesday because I overslept my alarm, but thankfully it’s right across the street from my dorm and I slid in just in time. That was the first time I have almost been late to a class. Pathetic, I know. However, it was an exhilarating experience!       

I’m really trying to prepare myself for the outside world and the job market while I’m still in the safe confines of Baldwin Wallace. This summer I hope to get an internship in my hometown. Hopefully it’s paid, but I understand that most internships aren’t now, so I’d accept an unpaid experience. I hope all of this work pays off. I’m sure it will in the long run. I am already seeing the benefits of a college degree in my resume and when applying for scholarships. Good luck to everyone else this semester! I hope everything works out for the better.