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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I Got My Brother the Best Christmas Present EVER

I think the best part about Christmas is finding presents for other people. Most people hate this part of the season of giving because you never know if what you get them is something that they’ll like. Maybe they already have it. Maybe it’s the wrong color. What if they hate it? There are a lot of different things that go into buying someone a present. I like starting early by asking around in October and taking note of something that someone mentions through conversation that could qualify as an excellent gift. I love finding a gift that someone will use a lot.

My brother is a huge fan of Batman. I knew I needed to get him something batman themed. I went on Amazon and looked at all of Batman themed gifts and then…. I came upon the most awesome gift ever. A batman sweatshirt complete with a bat hood and everything. My brother was THRILLED!!!  He wears it all the time now and gosh he looks cute. The sweatshirt was reasonably priced and easy to wear. I just love getting people gifts that they use all the time. I must say, he looks pretty epic.