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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

New Years Eve Extreme Sledding

This year for New Year’s Eve my friends and I all got together and decided to do something that most Fairbanks teenagers always talk about doing, but never end up doing because they’re too scared. We decided that to ring in the new year we would sled down Moose Mountain. Now, Moose Mountain is not just an ordinary mountain. Moose Mountain is a downhill ski area that has been rated top three in Alaska and top twenty ski spots on the west coast. The slopes are beautiful, very well groomed, and VERY steep.

Technically, Moose Mountain was closed on New Year’s Eve, so sledding up there was illegal. Actually sledding at all is illegal on Moose Mountain. But seriously, what are the police going to do if someone caught 15 sober teenagers sledding down a mountain on New Year’s Eve. Probably laugh them off the phone. Anyway, we did three different runs down the mountain. The slope is probably close to a half mile long, and many parts are at a very steep incline. I think my sled was traveling as fast as 45 miles per hour at times! The good thing is that everyone had fun and nobody got hurt. I just wanted to share this experience with my Ohio friends because it was a really one-of-a-kind Alaskan experience that not many people would have. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!