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Les Miserables was a Fun Thing to See With the Family

On New Years Day when we all woke up after a night of celebrating, eating, and playing games there was that sense of New Years Day blues.  All the holidays were over and we were now in that dreary month of January.  Yes, it was a new year and we were grateful for that, but there was still that feeling of heavy limbs and a hint of depression.  My mom decided to make the best of the situation and suggest that we all go and see the new movie that everyone was talking about: Les Miserables.

I was surprised to read some of the reviews for the movie.  They said that it was too long, too full of song and too boring in some parts.  I will admit that most of the movie was singing, but the musical is meant to be an operetta in its own way.  I also admit that the director could have arranged the order of the songs a little differently because it is difficult to watch a movie musical when there are three ballads in a row.

Most of the movie I did appreciate.  I liked how the director had the actors sing live during the scene.  I think it really added to their performances because the songs weren't prerecorded and the acting choices could be made in the moment instead of in a recording studio.  The movie felt more real because of it.  I recommend that anyone go see it if they want to enjoy a real movie masterpiece.