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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Snowshoeing for the First Time

I regret to inform you that even though I've lived in pi Alaska for 14 years of my life I have never participated in a true Alaskan pastime, snowshoeing until the afternoon of my birthday on Sunday, December 30.

I thought that snowshoeing would be all about clumping around in the woods with pieces of wood and sinew strapped on to my feet.  I thought that snowshoeing would be easy because everyone says that you should be able to walk on top of the snow no problem.  The real experience is a little different.  Snowshoes are a lot more high tech then I thought they were.  They have all of these little straps and you have to put your foot in the exact right spot so you don't hurt it while you are running.  The frame of the snowshoe it made of plastic and they are big and clompy on your feet.  I fell down half a dozen times and my anklebones ached afterward because the snowshoes would knock into them every time I took a step. 

This is a picture of my friends and coaches from the cross-country running team that I ran with.

Despite the aches and pains of snowshoeing I thought that it was actually a pretty fun experience.  There was something very satisfying about romping through the woods.