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Half.com is the Way to Go if You Want Cheap Textbooks

It’s about that time of year again when college students are starting to think about the new semester and buying their textbooks.  There are always a few questions us as poor college students must ask ourselves: Should we buy at the bookstore or online?  New or used?  Do we want to keep the books or sell them back at the end of the year?  How much can we afford? 

When thinking about buying books this semester I realized that although textbooks are a great resource for the class I got it for, I will probably never look at it again after I finish the class.  I found this fantastic sit for buying used textbooks that also rents them.  The website is a takeoff from Ebay that specializes in books.  I rented three of my books from this site for 125 daysand it cost $121, which is about the same as one of those books bought new!  All in all, my cost of books for this semester will be less than $200.  I AM THRILLED!  I have to send the books back by May 17 and the website provides for free shipping back to them.  It is a fantastic deal and I highly recommend any BW students who haven't heard of half.com to check it out.  It is totally worth it.