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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

“Blood Brothers”

This year will be the third year that I will be participating in an event on BW’s campus called Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is an event where the participants stay on their feet for 12 hours straight! All of the money that is raised for the event is donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which supports treatment and research for pediatric AIDS across the world.  This one of my favorite events, it allows students from all across campus to come together and raise money for an amazing cause. It is really powerful to see that what we are doing really does make a difference.

Wednesday night Dance Marathon showed a documentary called “Blood Brothers”. This documentary followed a young guy from Ohio who made the choice to move to India to work in a hostel for children and women who are impacted by HIV/AIDS. It was extremely powerful seeing what those people have to go through everyday and how the guy was making such a strong impact on all of them just by offering up his time, energy and love. Watching this documentary reaffirmed the need for events like Dance Marathon, and really motivated me to go above and beyond my fundraising goal for this year’s Dance Marathon!