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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Greek Sing

Every year at BW the Greek community participates in something called Greek Sing. During Greek Sing each sorority and fraternity come up with a theme and a skit and then incorporate songs and dances. I have participated in Greek Sing every year at BW and it is always so much fun to see all of the different and creative themes that all of the groups come up with. Greek Sing is this coming Saturday so this week is a little bit hectic with practices and getting all the last minute details together for the performance.

 Our Greek Sing director has put lots of hard work into making up the dances and picking out songs that connect to our theme in interesting ways. Although the practices can be long it is really fun to get an opportunity to spend time with the girls in my sorority since I don’t live in our section this year. It is strange to think that this will be my last Greek Sing, so I am trying to have as much fun with the experience this year as I can. Last year our sorority won first place in the event for the first time in awhile which was very exciting, so hopefully we will be able to place again this year!