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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Cardiac Arrest

 I am part of Alpha Phi sorority here on campus, each sorority has a philanthropy that they raise money to support, and our philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation which supports Women's Heart Health. Today my sorority put on our big philanthropy event for the fall semester and it is called Cardiac Arrest. The event consists of student leaders from around campus being "arrested", they sit at our event until they make "bail", which is part of the way that we raise money. This year the "prisoners" had somewhat physical challenges that they participated in throughout the event which was a great way to keep them engaged and play into our heart health focused philanthropy. 

This is such a fun event every year, and this year we had nice weather so we were able to hold the event outside on West Lawn behind the Union. My freshman year in Alpha Phi we were able to have the event outside, but the past two years we have held the event in the Student Activities Center (SAC for short). This is always a great time for me because I get to have fun spending time with the girls in my sorority while raising money for a great cause that I am passionate about. Being in a sorority has really helped me to see the importance of being a well rounded person, and how important it is to contribute not only money but time to something a great as the Alpha Phi Foundation which gives money to help support Women's Heart Health.