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Study Abroad Office

Last week I found myself with a new job here on BW's campus in the Study Abroad office. My position is a peer advisor, and essentially what I will do is help to promote studying abroad to students across campus. I am so excited about this opportunity to help other students learn about studying abroad! I studied abroad through the Seminar in Europe program here at BW in the spring of 2012 when I was a sophomore. Seminar in Europe is a faculty led trip which means that there were two professors and around 30 students who all went on the trip together.  This was one of the best experiences that I had here at BW, I was able to see so many great historic places in such a short period of time and learn so much about myself. My experience studying abroad has helped to shape me into the person that I am today, I grew personally and professionally. I learned how to do specific tasks such as booking a flight or a hotel room on my own, and broader things such as the type of person that I want to be and what I want out of life.

When the position became available I knew that I wanted to do it right away. I think that it is important that all of the students here at BW know all of the different options for studying abroad that BW offers since people often think that they will never to be able manage studying abroad. Throughout the semester I will be going to speak to College 101 classes, helping out at the Study Abroad Fair, and many other programs and small events on campus. The position gives me a lot of freedom to plan different events to help promote studying abroad, and I enjoy giving presentations and putting on programs so I think that I will really enjoy it. So far I have not given any presentations but I am looking forward to getting started! The first big event that I will be helping out with is the Study Abroad Fair which is next Thursday, I hope that lots of students will come and see all of the options that the office has to offer.