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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Now that I’m getting so close to graduating, I’m starting to think about all the little things that I’m going to miss here at BW.  Being a student here has tons of little perks, and it’s taken me almost four years to figure them out.  I’m going to miss some of the beautiful little nooks on campus, and being able to use my jacket express money to buy movie tickets.  I will certainly miss having a dining hall that sells ice cream late at night so conveniently located. 

But one thing I’m now realizing I’m going to miss is the free supply of newspapers.  Here on campus students have access to free copies of The New York Times and USA Today.  It’s quite convenient to pick them up several spots on campus.

And I have to be honest; I don’t always have the time to actually read much of the newspaper.  What busy college student does?  But, I love the puzzle section and always enjoy taking the crossword puzzle to class.  Don’t tell my professors, I’m hoping they don’t notice me in the back of the classroom. I’m going to be quite sad when I have to leave BW and have to start paying for my newspapers on my own.