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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Religion Department

One of my majors here at BW is Religion.  If you would have told me four years ago that I was going to be a Religion major I’m not sure I would’ve believed you!  I took some religion courses on the suggestion of my advisor my sophomore year and the rest is history. 

The Religion Department is particularly excellent because of the professors.  There are four full-time faculty and each of them brings something different and valuable to the department.  They each have a specialty and teach courses on everything from Buddhism to the New Testament to Contemplative Spirituality.  Because the department is on the smaller side the professors really get the chance to know you.  Being part of such a tight-knit department was really important for getting letters of recommendation when I was applying for graduate school.   Having such a community based department has been great for me in helping BW feel like home. 

Now as a senior I’ve been working on my senior project—the Religion Department equivalent of a thesis.  Although it seemed daunting at first I am almost done with 50 pages of research and writing.  The Religion Department is really preparing me to continue to succeed as I go on to graduate school and I’m proud of the quality and depth of work I’ve been able to produce. 

You can check out more information about the Religion Department here.