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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Coe Lake


One of my favorite things about BW is the wider community it’s a part of.  It’s certainly not an isolated campus—instead it’s tucked right inside of Berea.  What that means for BW students is that we get the benefits the rest of the community has to offer.

This includes Coe Lake.  Located right off of campus, it’s a beautiful section of the Cleveland Metroparks where I have spent plenty of time during my four years here at BW.  For my freshman year I lived in our residence hall 21 Beech, which is just up the street from Coe Lake.  I can’t tell you how many picnic lunches I had there, how many times we just went to hang out in the gazebo, or just take a walk along the trails.  It’s also been nice as I’ve had friends living in the Townhouse apartments who literally have Coe Lake as their backyard.  It’s nice to have this kind of wonderful place in such an easily accessible location!