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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


One of my favorite things is getting mail.  Nothing beats checking my mailbox and finding a card or letter from a friend or family member.  Here at BW, one of the most exciting things is checking your email and finding a message from the mailroom saying you have a package to pick up.  Mail is delivered directly to your dorm, but packages are held in the Bonds Administration building.  I have to admit, I usually end up checking my email right as the mailroom is closing and have to anxiously wait until the next day to pick up my package.

I’ve received some pretty exciting mail here.  Just this week, I got two letters from friends in Sweden and Scotland.  I had become friends with them when I studied abroad, so it was fun to send mail the old-fashioned way and hear what was going on in their lives.  I’ve also gotten a few notes from Tonga, where my sister is stationed in the Peace Corps.  Some of my favorite mail, however, comes just from Pennsylvania from my mom or dad.  It’s always nice to get some newspaper clipping from home, or even that five dollar bill my dad likes to tuck it. 

Check out the official information on the mail center here.