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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Pizza Adventures

One of the first things I learned at BW was how to order pizza with my Jacket Express.  I’ve never had a problem with the food on campus, but for late nights on the weekends nothing beats ordering a pizza with friends.  I’ve had plenty of nights in watching movies with friends and then running out to pay the delivery guy.  Sometimes that’s the best way to end a long and stressful week. 

Some of my favorite memories are from when there would be a large group hanging out and how ridiculous it was to split the cost between all of our Jacket Express cards.  We would always fight to see who would have to call the pizza place.  That poor person would be stuck on the phone reciting all of the numbers off of our cards for what seemed like hours. It was always worth it though when the pizza finally arrived.  

You can check out some more information on pizza you can use your Jacket Express for here.