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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Last Semester

I’m beginning to count down days until graduation.  Or, at the very least, I’m counting the number of papers I have to turn in and classes I have to attend.   Because it’s hard to believe, but I’ll be graduating from Baldwin Wallace University in May.  It’s nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time.  It’s been a great semester to be nostalgic as I’ve certainly changed and experienced so many new and different things since I first showed up on campus almost four years ago.  For example:
•    I left the country for the first time.
•    I made grilled cheese with an iron.
•    I lived like a monk for a full 24 hours.
•    I learned how to speak German (mostly).
•    I wrote and acted in a play.
•    I mastered the art of staying up late and still making it to class on time.
•    I sang in a Women's Choir.
•    I broke a board with my bare hands.
•    I learned how to identify most constellations.
•    I discovered how long I could go without doing laundry.
•    I found out how awesome it is to get a package from home.

I’m looking forward to revisiting many of these memories (and more!) as I blog this spring.