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Internships and job search...

As I enter my last semester of college at BW, I am becoming more aggressive in my search for internships and job search. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve interviewed for multiple internships and an actual full-time job. I’m still waiting to hear back from these organizations, but the interviews went great, so fingers crossed!

I consider myself a lucky person. I’m lucky because I chose to attend BW 3.5 years ago. At BW, I’ve had great on-campus experiences that I have utilized in acquiring off-campus, professional internships. These opportunities have come about because of the relationships I have made with my advisors, along with Career Services at BW.

Career Services has supplied me with many opportunities because of the BW Career Network where employers post job postings for BW students… That’s right, they post on the Career Network because they know that BW produces grade-A employees. It’s a great feeling to go into an interview and hear from the Human Resources Manager that they love BW students.

Life has been so hectic lately. I’m finally back on USA time and I’m beginning to miss Australia more and more. All what I wanted today was to see a kangaroo. Ahh, Australia.

With the search intensifying and reality that I’ll be a graduate of BW in 6 quick months, I’m excited to keep everyone updated on the opportunities that are in front of me.

Thanks for reading and keep your fingers crossed for me!