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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Excited for Potential

As I begin to prepare to graduate, I am conducting more and more research about possible careers. I am a Public Relations major with a minor in Organizational Leadership. Both of these programs have taught me one important lesson-- life is about who you know. Sure, the skills and talents I have will help me in my future, but in order to get that first position and my foot in the door, I have to use my network.

BW is very unique. I've never appreciated Career Services as much as I do now... The one-on-one relationships I have built with a few of the counselors is helping me every day. I have relied on them to help tighten my resume and LinkedIn accounts. A resume is often the first impression a recruiter has of you. If they don't like the format or they find an error-- your hopes of working at that company could end in a matter of seconds (you know, when they are throwing away your resume.) -- Sorry, this is getting a little bit depressing.

I'll be honest, I'm a little bit depressed lately. I keep thinking about what life will be like after graduation... I am BEYOND excited to move to Chicago and start my life and career there, but I am sad to leave BW behind. I will always be a proud YJ4L, but I'll miss the campus and people, mucho! It is true, BW people are the best type of people-- nice, friendly and MY FAVORITE-- MOST OF US ARE SMILERS! You know, we will at least smile at you if we make eye contact. We won't do the "uhhh, that's awkward. Why are you looking at me?"

Baldwin Wallace has helped shaped me into a well networked soon-to-be graduate. Now is the time to put this talent to work!