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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

A B C D...F!

Welp the grades are in and I must say I did way better last semester than this semester! Ugh I'm so upset! At least I didn't get any bad grades I just got average! I honestly feel like I worked my butt off more this semester than last semester! I blame it all on sophomore seminar! I also blame it in Greek sing! Yep I said it haha!!


All jokes aside...I do think if I remained focus towards the end like I was in the beginning it would of worked out a lot better for me. I'm still trying to learn how to study but really next semester my goal is to learn my limits and tell my advisor when I can't handle something. I feel like 5 classes with 3-4 credits is too much for me and I'm thinking about dropping. Sometimes I feel like I'm being pushed to so something I don't want to do. Last semester I only had 4 classes and got good grades. I'm a single parent, I work, and I'm in a sorority, so I won't find things as easy as a normal college student. I'll give it a chance but if it doesn't work out I'm dropping it. Ok I'm done rambling about my problems. Another best part about this semester is not getting a D or F in my chemistry class! Yay me!