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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Initiation is almost here for the new members in my sorority! We had our prior to initiation ceremonies and it was really nice! I’m so happy to be welcoming these smart and beautiful women into our sisterhood. Before our members are initiated they have to go through a new member program to help them learn about Alpha Gamma Delta and then at the end they have to take a test. It feels like yesterday when I was going through the whole new member process but it also feels like I’ve been apart of this sorority forever. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for these girls. Don’t get me wrong being around a bunch of girls for long periods of times can get overwhelming however we all genuinely love each other.

The initiation ceremony is on Sunday and since we have a lot of girls I think it might take a little longer. Although I really hope not! Our dinner is also going to be two hours later which is unusual since we always have it around 4. Then we have elections for our new officers, which I’m excited about and that might take a long time. Tomorrow is really going to be a long day but it will be nice day because I’m spending it with those lovely women!