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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I Hate Cold Weather!!

My title says it all on how I feel about this drop in temperature. Cleveland/Berea weather is never consistent! It was literally very warm on my 21st birthday and now it’s like 50 degrees! Now I’m sick again which is the second time this semester and I’m really starting to question the decrease in my immunity! I never get sick! I just want to crawl under my blanket and do absolutely nothing however being a college student you really can’t do that when you’re a full time student. So I plan on taking my vitamins and continuing working out. I’m sleep deprived because I couldn’t breathe last night and I barely stayed awake in my last class.  

I also need to get my flu shot and my daughter needs to get her flu shot. I’m afraid of this vaccine because every time I get it I get sick and I don’t want to be sick again. I definitely can’t be sick when finals come around! I can’t believe finals are like around the corner. Time really goes by super fast when you’re constantly busy. Ever since I joined my sorority time has just been zooming by like a racecar. This is good for me because during my freshman year I was dreading the semesters because I didn’t have anything to do and barely had any friends. I’m glad I pushed myself out my comfort zone because I would have been miserable.