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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Registering for Spring Semester

I’m so happy that I finally figured out the classes I need and want to take for the spring semester!  I also worked on my Grad Plan, which is turning out pretty good. My advisor released me to register for my spring semester classes and I'll be able to register on October 31. This semester has been really tough for me. I’m learning how to manage my time and study better. I got tutors in the subjects I need help in the most and it’s getting easier but it’s still a little hard. Biology has to be my hardest class because all we have is our book and lecture notes to study from for exams, which I don’t think is helpful enough. My professor doesn’t give homework and it’s very rare for him to give us work sheets. What we learn in class and what ever is on the lecture notes is all “fair game”, in other words we don’t receive study guides! It’s a lot of information to remember and it’s even harder when I can’t pronounce or spell majority of the words…haha. I have an exam on Monday and I study a lot but I know I could have study harder. I know now how to study for the next exam to get an A or at least a B.