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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The Disappointment

So lately I've been having some bad experiences with the staff at BW! Part of the reason I came to BW was because the staff was very helpful and kind however this past month did not show that. Yesterday really made me want to write this because I never been so upset with a professor ever in my life. I made a simple mistake during an exam and I literally apologize numerous time to the professor and the professor did not say anything to me.I really felt bad and throughout the rest of the exam I could not concentrate because I knew that the professor was so upset with me, I seen the attitude on their face and they gave me attitude the whole time. I thought it was really rude how my sincere apology was not accepted but i guess it happens. Like I said that wasn't the only staff member that I've experienced that pretty much was rude to a student, some of the lunch staff are also a little rude too! This must have just been a bad month for people but I really hope that it changes!