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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Finals are starting to approach and my schedule is completely filled with tons of studying and classes that I must attend. I wish all my professors would just cancel class all next week. I have presentations to work on for Spanish and LAS but I really have to study for Anatomy and my Zoology lab practical. I know I know…I have no life! If you’re a science major you must study every single day! I miss going out and having fun with my friends! I just have to hang in there and push harder for the next two weeks. I have to stay strong in order to make my GPA goal. I want at least a 3.0! This is seriously the most stressful time of the year and I can tell. There were tons of people in the library today and I’m pretty sure the library hours will be extended soon, if not already. Another thing I hate about this time of the year is that professors like to schedule a full exam the week before finals and then finals week a cumulative exam! I know this is college but that structure is exactly why people go insane! I already feel the stress coming on…time to go take deep breaths and think happy thoughts.