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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

April Reign

Last weekend was really fun! I had a great time participating and supporting the events during April Reign. My sorority did amazing, along with the other fraternities and sororities. We won 1st place in tug, which makes this our eighth time in a row!!! I didn't do tug but I know my sisters worked very hard practicing so the hard worked paid off. I didn't attend the concert but I heard it went pretty well. I'm very alternative when it comes to music but I didn't really find any interest in going to see Reel Big Fish. I hope next year we can get someone that majority of everyone likes. Even last year was not that great...Jeremih is ok but I think we could do a lot better. I know big stars cost a lot of money but hopefully I get to see someone I really like before I graduate. I already can't wait until next April Reign!!!