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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Sisterhood Retreat

My life has been very busy during the last month. I had exams and papers that were due back to back and on top of all that I was organizing my sorority’s sisterhood retreat! I actually had a good time and that’s hard to believe because when I’m the one organizing I’m usually too overwhelmed to have fun. I bought two sheets of pizza that contain 60 or more pieces and it was gone within 5mins! I also bought chips and brownies which was delicious.

I held the retreat at one of my sorority sister’s house and she bought some snacks too. I also had my committee members help me out with everything so that helped out a lot! We did two activities to get to know each other more and it turned out to be a success. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. We played games and watching movies, so it was a great time! It was nice to get a away and have a break from all the school work.I had such a limited budget for the retreat that I didn’t get a chance to buy certain things I wanted for a good craft and more food for everyone. Next semester I would like to have it at the same place and I would like to do better activities. I need to stop being so shy and learn how to use my voice! I’m so worried about everyone liking me that sometimes people don’t take me seriously! Sometimes you have to be firm to get your point across or your voice heard. I just hate being talk to disrespectfully and wouldn’t want to do that to someone else.