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Last Baldwin Wallace Registration

After spring break registration for fall semester will be going on and I just realize that it will be my last fall registration! I need to figure out when I can start applying for nursing schools and if the nursing school at BW would recommend me taking a course over again. The first semester of A&P I did average and they changed their requirements. They want candidates to maintain As and Bs in the prerequisite courses. I’m still upset that they change the requirements because it sets some people back from fulfilling their goals. However, I do understand the program is new to BW, so I’m not that upset. I need to step my game up big time! I have to make the dean’s list again because my GPA needs to be over a 3.0! I’ve came a long way to turn back now on my academics.

When I get back from my trip to Florida I have a ton of things on my to-do list. I need to register for fall semester, register for a summer class at tri-c or BW, talk to three advisors, work on projects, and study for exams. Just reading all my to-dos are making me realize how much I need to relax and cherish this vacation. I know after spring break the rest of the semester will move at the speed of light! I also have to get my basket ready for the silent basket auction and I have to finish planning the sisterhood retreat for my sorority. There’s so much to do in so little time!! I hope I just stay positive and keep everything flowing. Advice: Once the semester starts kicking in gear, just relax and take a deep breath and stay focus!