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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Liberal Arts University

It took me a while to truly understand the meaning of a liberal arts college; to be a well rounded student in many subjects. I’m a bio major and I think and look at the world in a science perspective. I truly see the world very differently because I’m constantly thinking about science! I love my developmental class because we are learning about the molecular aspects that go on in embryos in different species like sea urchins. I also like my ethics class even though philosophy gives me a headache I kind of grown to like the class. Now that I’m taking a philosophy class I’ve gain new meanings to things like morals and nature. As a biologist, I’m taught that survival is base on the best-fit theory, however my philosophy professor teaches the opposite and believes that nature happens just because and humans cannot determine the reason for survival.

In my opinion, these two completely different subjects are not wrong about survival; I agree with both. Baldwin Wallace University wants their students to be prepared and to be able to hold conversations with many people who have different beliefs and knowledge of different subjects. I think I’m finally accomplishing that goal because now I feel like my mind has jumped out of science for a moment and now I can look at the world a little differently. There are things I disagree with in science and in philosophy so I think in the end with the knowledge of both subjects I can formulate my own hypothesis, thoughts, and theories. Liberal arts schools help students to become open-minded and look into every perspective of a situation.