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BW Resources

Hello my fellow blog readers, so lately I've been really utilizing some of BW's resources like: the Career Services. I've came to terms that I no longer wanted to go through with the pre-med path and I believe that's my final decision, so now I'm trying to figure out what kind of career I want in order to determine what route to take.

Today I met with one of the career advisors and she did a little exercise to see what kind of occupations interest me. It was kind of like a flash card game and I flipped through the cards and sorted them into a like, dislike, and in between pile. When I was finished it showed that I had an artistic side and then it showed that I really want to do something that helps people. At the end of the meeting she sent me out with another exercise called DISCOVER, which will also help me get an idea of what I would like to do. I plan on meeting again with a career advisor to help me move forward in my decision process.