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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

STUDY & Exercise!

I'm really trying to make the deans list this semester so I've been trying to keep up with my studies. I think it's better to study ahead of time so when exams start to roll around I won't have to cram the night before. I always start studying hard for an exam a week before the test but that still doesn't do me any justice. This semester I'm going to just study a little everyday and give myself two weeks to review over and over again. It's true, biology seems like a lot of memorization however it's not suppose to be. It's easier to learn the material when you actually understand the reasons why something is a certain way. #1 tip of the day: Study the material BEFORE lecture class so when the professor mentions something you understand what he/she is talking about. Other than studying I've been trying to lose this little gut-belly I have. I'm trying to get my abdominals to a decent size by spring break. Losing a little pudge has to be the hardest thing to lose because it's taking me forever. I have 6 weeks left!!!