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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


These past few days have been bitterly cold. I live in an off campus house and our heat is not the most efficient, so where my room is located I get very little heat. Being back in this cold house after being home all break is definitely a change. I was lucky over break to be at home in a warm house, so knowing that I had to come back a cold house made leaving home after break even harder. 

A few weeks ago when it was extremely cold we had a small pipe break in our house and had issues with that so we are hoping that we don't have anymore problems with this cold! I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather so we don't have to worry about pipes freezing or breaking. For now I am staying warm with a space heater and lots of blankets in my house, and I get a break from the cold while I am in classes or in the library working on homework.