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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Back to School

My goodness this winter break went by so fast!!! Ugh!!! I’m ready to get this semester over with. I’m taking my last class for my minor this semester and then my minor will be complete. I’m so excited to actually complete something in my college career. I also have a position in my sorority as sisterhood coordinator so I’m going to be focusing on fun events and retreats to build a stronger sisterhood bond. My goal for this semester is to continue to work hard but have a little fun every now and again. I find myself miserable when I don’t take a weekend day to myself. I want to at least work out 4 times a week and eat healthier. During last semester I lost sight of that main focus and I hope to get back on track with that. I need to lose the rest of my belly fat that I’ve been trying to shed off since I had my daughter.

Technically I’m a senior but I can’t believe that I’m going to be a senior who will be graduating soon. I have about 1 or two semesters left after this semester! Time is going by too fast for me. A few months ago I turned 21 and now I feel like everything is moving down a water slide! I hope I get to go abroad sometime in this decade haha! I don’t necessarily want to study while I’m abroad…I want to go abroad to have fun and not worry about assignments and exams! So my best friend and I are planning a Euro trip or a Caribbean trip! If I do graduate in 2015 I will try to do the Costa Rica trip.