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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Faculty Spotlights

Molly Swiger

student photo
  1. Department

    Communication Arts and Sciences

  2. Hometown

    I moved around a lot--mostly between NY State and Canada

  3. Biography

    BA (Honors) -- Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) -- Film Studies; Psychology

    MA -- University of Wisconsin-Superior

    Communicating Arts

    Ph.D. -- Bowling Green State University

    American Culture Studies (Major Concentration in Communications; Minor Concentration in Philosophy)

Questions and answers

Why did you choose to teach at BW?

I love the sense of comradery among the BW community. From the time I interviewed, I felt that this was a safe place for students (and faculty) to explore new interests.

What characteristics distinguish BW from other colleges/universities?

There is a sense of true support (rather than competition). I think students know that faculty, staff, and other students, really want them to do well.

How do you mentor students?

I spend a lot of time just talking with students in my office, encouraging them to study abroad, apply for an internship, or do anything to broaden their experiences. I also work with individual students on papers for presentation at academic conferences.

What do students like best about your class?

I hope students gain a critical understanding of the way media influences them personally, as well as the impact the media has within American culture and beyond.

If you weren't teaching what would you be doing?

A librarian.