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Ohio Weather

All those things you've heard about the Berea Winters and weather... are true. It does get pretty bad. Mounds of snow. Rain. Ice. BUT it's also a wonderful time. As much as students complain and moan about the weather: we really do like it. Bundled up for classes and unthawing with your friends. Trudging down to the Cyber Cafe for hot chocolate and cider. The scenery is beautiful after it snows and there is always time for playing. Because even though we're in college now we still love a good snow day. And since being at BW, I've had at least one snow day each year.

There are some great places around BW to go to after it's snowed, like the metro parks where there are some great hills and if you can find some sleds or snowboards, I would highly encourage you to check it out. So be aware that it's going to get cold this time of year and pack from home in advance so you're not left with no winter clothes like my good friend from California was.