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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Wildlife Galore!

A fun thing about BW is the plethora of wildlife that grace its well manicured lawns. Squirrels are vast in population across campus and touching one is even listed on the bucket list of things to do at BW before graduating. As we get closer and closer to winter the squirrels get fatter and fatter, until I recently saw one waddling towards it's tree. They are quite darling and interesting to have around, although I swear they run out in front of bicycles on purpose to watch us swerve wildly out of control. Deer and wild turkeys also happen across campus from time to time, usually in the early morning and while walking to your 8AM class you can sometimes see a couple deer grazing somewhere through the fog. It's almost like being at camp.

BW is located closely to the Cleveland MetroParks which boast a great number of trails and wildlife so it is no wonder we get so many furry visitors. The MetroParks are an excellent place to go for picnics, running, biking, swimming, and a great number of other excellent activities. Skunks and Raccoons also wander across campus from time to time but for the most part BW is great with removing them from the campus (like the vagrants they are) and relocating them. Although it is always funny to see a group of my peers approach what they think is a cat and then run away screaming "Skunk!"