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Registering for a new semester is a complex and stressful time, at least for me.  As a freshman I panicked about getting into classes before they closed and as a senior I panicked about finding enough classes to take to be a full time student.  Funny how that works out, right?  I tried to take as many classes as I could early on and get my requirements out of the way.  Now as a senior I only have one class that I need for my minor to complete my college education.  Thus! because I feverishly attempted to take all my classes sooner, I am left trying to fill space and I am desperately searching for credits and classes to fill up my schedule.  However, for the most part the process is relatively simple and most of the stress is purely from my side. 

In high school I took a lot of classes for college credit which then transferred to BW and aided me in finishing up my core subjects.  I recommend high school students to definitely take full opportunity of that perk.  I also suggest that you spread out your classes well, you have to realize you have four years to fill.  The 4 year plan will be a great tool to help with that.  Your advisor is also a great resource and will help you figure out what classes to take and how to plan your coming semester.  Another helpful information source are upperclassmen!  Ask your older classmates for help planning classes and advice on teachers.  Armed with this knowledge, registering will be a snap!