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Pumping zee Iron

One of the greatest things Baldwin Wallace University has to offer is a free state of the art recreational facility. In other words, a free gym membership! Need to lose a few pounds, tone up, or just want to stay healthy? Excellent! There’s a Lou-Higgins Rec. Center for that!

I love the gym and try to go every week, because when one graduates, poof! no more free stuff. I’d have to pay for these perks. And referring back to my first blog, zoom in on my starving artist’s wallet. Food for the month vs. the gym? I guess I’ll consider asking my mother for some shape ups for Christmas and start walking everywhere as soon as I graduate.

The gym does have its (minor) setbacks, mostly whenever the football, basketball, or whatever team shows up in force and my workout is suddenly reduced to trying to squeeze by packs of sweaty dudes/girls to steal some weights or having to turn up my iPod to drown out of the loud grunts and yells of them lifting weights equal to that of a baby elephant.

You can usually avoid this, however, by going at a later or earlier time when there aren’t any crowds. And the gym is open until 11pm, which is awesome because there have been many times where I’ve had to go later at night because of school work or rehearsals.