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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Graduate on Time!

BW is really upping its game. When I was a freshman there was no Grad Plan or 4-year Guarantee. Which I could have definitely used, so lucky you, incoming students! Not only does the Grad Plan help you map out and catch any scheduling problems early on, it also takes a world of stress of your chest when the time to schedule does come. You meet with your advisor, peruse your plan together, and Voila! you are ready for the next semester. It’s too late for me, I only had to plan my last semester with the Grad Plan and I had to end up taking a class at CSU to graduate on time because of the English department this semester. Alas, if only I had this marvelous Grad Plan when I first started or the 4-year Guarantee, I wouldn’t have had to worry so much about fulfilling my requirements on time.
So I encourage you to take an interest in these two relatively new programs BW has to offer because they are excellent tools for success. They will help you achieve the best possible experience of college EVER!