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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


I am embroiled in a crisis. Classes, homework, and rehearsals (and naps) have taken precedent and my room has fallen into a state of shambles. It really isn't as worst as it has been, but it's pretty bad. From the safety of my bed I spy a bowl of forgotten popcorn, an empty box of popsicles, mass dumps of clothing, shoes, and papers thrown about like land mines. If anyone has ever played the Lava Game (where the floor is lava and you can't touch it), this describes the entrances and exits to my room. And while my efforts to find a house elf have failed, I would advise: Don't let this happen to you!!

I have a break tomorrow so I'm going to clean this mess, I always do.

But low and behold, several days later the tornado that is my life has wrecked the bajeezus out of my room again. Try to organize your life/living space. Mother is not there to tell you to clean up, so it falls upon you to maintain the order. I have trouble with this. I blame my self prescribed ADHD. A clean dorm room/apartment means a happier working environment and productive life. I'm sure there is evidence to support that but this is not a paper for class and I am NOT looking up citations.

But while my room does tend to descend into chaos every once in a week, I do keep up the cleanliness of myself. Which brings us to the sub category of this blog: Self cleanliness. In addition to making sure your surroundings are clean, it is also vital to keep up your personal appearance. At this stage in the game, one should not have to be told to shower or put on deodorant, etc., yadda yadda. But it happens and so I say: we are in college and preparing to enter the world as functioning adults, so take care of yourself. Presentation accounts for a lot in this world and professors/faculty/potential employers notice when you put some effort into your appearance. While I don't think I'll ever be able to squash the love of Uggs and sweat pants at this college, I do hope to encourage some awareness.