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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


Sleep does not come easy to a college student. I try my best to get to bed at a reasonable time, after all young people should be getting eight hours of sleep... I think that's the correct number... regardless, I tend to get distracted easily. Noises from other students outside my room intrigue me more than string does to a jacked up kitten, and I scamper to the door to see what my friends are doing or to see if someone I know has come to visit the house. I was supposed to be asleep by 10 PM tonight. It is now 11 PM. I'll probably go to sleep around 12 AM. I have ballet bootcamp in the morning at 7 AM... I'm silently crying.

My point is, one has to make sure they are getting enough sleep. You function better, you feel better, you look better, which I think is the most important one, that latter point, because we can all tell when you haven't had enough sleep. I see you stumble into class in sweat pants because you didn't wake up on time to dress in real clothes, you've got bags under your eyes, you're face is this weird blotchy color like some sort of jelly fish. I think I've gotten off topic again, anyway, college is full of freedom and liberties BUT you have to be the responsible one and make sure you don't stay up all night with friends or watching Netflix, because your parents aren't there to tell you to go to bed. I used to think, "I'll sleep when I'm dead!" but then I got really run down and sick, a blood vessel ruptured in my eye, and I fell asleep in my car between classes... not all at once, but because I hadn't been sleeping well. So goodnight you princes of Maine or whatever and sleep tight!