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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Fantasy Football

I play in a fantasy football league with a group of colleagues, my close friends, and things are becoming intense.  As we grow closer to playoffs, where the top four teams of the ten teams compete, the competition grows tough and the competitive nature is at its finest.  As an FFL, (Fantasy Football League) we all agreed to put twenty dollars in a jar, that is given to the winner of the tournament.  We all have something to compete for, we have something to argue and fuss about.  More importantly, we have something that intrigues and entertains us.  We enjoy competition and we enjoy sports.  Now that we have sports as our competition, we are getting the best of both worlds.

My experience with this league – I was on the short end of the stick.  Many players on my team experienced injuries that withheld their play for a few weeks, others for the remainder of the season.  Other players weren’t living to their full potential.  Quickly, I found myself at a measly 1-5 record almost halfway into the season.  However, with some coaching strategies and pulling a few strings, I not find myself in a thriving position, with a 5-5 record and a four game win streak.  One more win and that will be the longest win streak of the league; not to mention I play the last ranked team in our league.

The suspense that builds on game days when your score fluctuates from winning to losing and vis versa.  The thrill you get when your team has an impossible win when you need a once in a lifetime performance from a player on your team.  The way we express our emotions in regards to this fantasy football league.  It’s actually pretty interesting.  I have yet to watch that recently new TV series about how a group of friends who plays fantasy football with one another, and how this shapes their actions – but I’m sure that we aren’t too far from that.